02 November 2010

Straightforward Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Review

I just came across this concise and rather straightforward review of Adobe Premiere Elements 9. [All Things Digital.com] It gives a good overview of the features of the program without getting too weighed down in too many facts, figures and technical specifications. One reason I think it is a good piece for anyone to read is that it highlights a key point in choosing video editing software, the user interface.

Adobe is reputed to be one of the easier software products to work with when it comes to video editing and it is interesting to note the reviewr had trouble even with this one.

"But I found myself spending more time trying to figure out how to edit videos rather than simply editing. Editing tools are buried in several layers of menus and are poorly named."

It is a message well worth repeating that regardless of what type or brand of video editing software you choose there will always be a learning curve when it comes to the user interface. Video editing software has no "real world" equivalent upon which to base its design.

Obviously some are better at it than others but always keep this point in mind when you are choosing video editing software.

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