23 November 2010

CyberLink PowerDirector 9 - A Little Body Work For the Outside and a New Engine With Serious Grunt!

So clearly there has been a lot of traffic and a lot of fanfare regarding the release of Cyberlink Power Director 9 recently.

I was going to let it go for a while and let things settle before I got down to doing a full review because... well I'm bone lazy basically.

Anyway, I went to the CyberLink site today to take a peek at their press blurb and took a quick look at the new features and wizzbangery on offer. (Yes! Wizzbangery is a word!)

Some of it looked to be pretty good but then again they all look good in the press release/marketing dribble so I grabbed a copy to have play with it.

I have to say it is not often that get a case of the ooooh aahhhs when looking at video editing software these days. Usually it's a tweak here, a tidy up there and a fix of the problems people have been complaining about since the last release.

Not so with the new PowerDirector 9! They have totally rebuilt that thing from the inside out and goes fast... very fast. If you are running a reasonably well endowed 64-bit system you are in for a rocket ride!

This is a seriously improved piece of video editing software... and it was pretty good before!

You can rad the full CyberLink PowerDirector 9 Ultra Review here

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