20 April 2018

The Friday Roundup - Pinnacle Studio Goes to Version 21.5 and other stuff!

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21.5 Update
News from Pinnacle this week with the release of Pinnacle Studio 21.5 Ultimate.

Since Corel took over the ownership of the Pinnacle range of products a few years back they have pulled it into line with their existing update and upgrade release schedule.

Generally speaking this means that the software gets two major upgrades per...

14 April 2018

Simple or Easy Video Editing Software

Over the past few years all of the major video editing software companies have been battling each other in a game of who can come up with the shiniest new features to attract the attention of the public.
The end result has been that the average consumer level video editing software has become incredibly feature rich but in the process, has become quite complicated as...

13 April 2018

The Friday Roundup - It's a NAB Show Grave Yard Around Here

Around this time every year things start to go a little quiet here at the DIY Video Editor and the reason for that is that I shamelessly steal tips, tricks and tutorials from people who know far more than me on the subject.
Sure all the other stuff on this site is my own content but for the Friday Roundup I generally scan the usual suspects and if they do something good I...

06 April 2018

The Friday Roundup - Travel Videos, Key Framing and Presentation Skills

Steven Soderbergh on Using an iPhone to Shoot
Once again this week I became embroiled in an online discussion involving the term "cinematic" and that user's search to find some kind of shortcut to achieving that look.
I kinda get a little annoyed by catchphrases like that which end up getting passed around and take on a life of their own.
The term cinematic could be used...

30 March 2018

The Friday Roundup - Free Audio from Filmora and Organizing Your Assets

Yay! Freebies!
OK this seems to be a pretty awesome offer from the nice people at Wondershare who make the Filmora video editor.

They are offering a huge collection of free sound effects that can be used in any video editor in exchange for... nothing!

I kind of figured they would at least be trying to get an email address for it or perhaps restrict it to only Filmora...

25 March 2018

Getting Your Videos Online - Introduction

Over the past few years it has been interesting to observe the dramatic shift that has occurred in the way people are producing and distributing their videos.
In this series on online video I will cover some of the techniques that you can use to get your videos seen by a wider audience.

23 March 2018

The Friday Roundup – Gimbal Shots, Rotate Video and 4K Editing

This week some tips on shooting with a gimbal, how and why to rotate video, some tips for a smoother 4K editing experience and an explanation of using a roll and B roll footage.

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16 March 2018

The Friday Roundup – Choosing Music, the Glitch Effect and Voiceovers

This week a tutorials on how to choose the right music for a project, how to create a glitch effect, a look in on a voice over training session and a lesson in ramp editing.

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10 March 2018

The Friday Roundup – Composition, Vegas Discounts and Lens Filters

This week the Golden Spiral explained for composition, some hefty discounts being offered of Vegas products, an explanation of ND and polarizing filters plus much, much more!

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06 March 2018

Vegas Movie Studio 15 Review

Vegas Movie Studio 15 review. What's new in this latest version, a simple comparison of each version offered as well as an overview of the software's features and performance.

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05 March 2018

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 and Pro 2018 Review

An easy to understand rundown and review of what is new in Corel VideoStudio 2018 version as well as a comparison of VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 and VideoStudio Pro 2018

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02 March 2018

The Friday Roundup – Vegas Movie Studio Updates and Other Editing Stuff

This week we have an update from Magix of Vegas Movie Studio to version 15, a YouTube video optimization tutorial, tips for faster editing and some great info on using masks and mattes.

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The Best Video Editing Software 2018

Concise reviews and summaries of the best consumer level video editing software choices available in 2018. A guide to choosing the right video editor for your needs from the top of the current batch of consumer level video editing programs.

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23 February 2018

The Friday Roundup – Chinese New Year Backlog Edition

So in this week's Friday Roundup we are clearing up the backlog from the Chinese New Year break.

We have all sorts of stuff from transition tutorials to aspect ratio conversions, DIY self video tips and a whole bunch more!

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09 February 2018

The Friday Roundup – Cinematic Lighting, Jumps Cuts and Camera Hacks

This week some tips on cinematic lighting, the effective use of jump cuts, a simple camera hack to save time on presets in the field and a run through of when and why to use certain video file types.
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02 February 2018

The Friday Roundup – Night Shooting, Audio and Split Toning

This week we have some tips for shooting footage at night, a tutorial on (tastefully) using split toning, some audio adjustment tips and some reviews of the best microphones for video.

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26 January 2018

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching Cameras, YouTube Updates and Gimbals

This week an extensive tutorial on color matching footage from different cameras, a more balanced view on the whole YouTube Partner Program kerfuffle and some tips on getting the most out of footage shot using a gimbal.

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19 January 2018

The Friday Roundup – Editing Work Flows, Hyperlapse and YouTube Tips

This week a couple of end-to-end editing workflow demonstrations, a unique hyperlapse tutorial, some funky shooting tips and a complete color grading tutorial.

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12 January 2018

The Friday Roundup – Storytelling, B-roll and Cinematic Tips

This week the "why's" of telling a story in your videos, shooting effective B-roll and why you should do it and 5 tips to make your videos look more cinematic.

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05 January 2018

The Friday Roundup – Basic Editing, Setting Preferences and GIFs

This week getting your editing basics right, setting your preferences for a smoother editing experience and how to create video from GIFs.

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